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Dr Rowena's Universkin Results

Dr Rowena's Universkin Results

1st April 2022

'I have been using my personalised Universkin serums for approximately 5 months now and to say I am pleased with my results is definitely an understatement!

I had been using very high-quality skincare and thought my skin looked great for my age and our harsh North Queensland conditions. But after about 1 month of using my customised morning and nighttime serums, I started noticing improvements to my skin.

Redness was reduced, pigmentation was lightened and it felt so beautifully hydrated. I also incorporate the Universkin HA serum, the P light moisturiser and the O oil cleanser into my routine. The real testimony though comes from the number of comments that I have been getting from people who I see regularly...they could see a difference!

The wonderful aspect of Universkin is the ability to make up totally customised serums tailored specifically for YOUR skin needs; so the ingredients in my daytime and nighttime serums, will be different to someone else and they send the products directly to my home. The percentages of the active ingredients are also above those that you can purchase over the counter as Universkin is a doctors-only prescribed skincare. I really cannot recommend these products enough and my skin has never looked better!' 

Dr Rowena xx