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Things A Good Injector Will Tell You

Things A Good Injector Will Tell You

12th April 2022

Injectable treatments continue to soar in popularity and are a fabulous way to freshen up your appearance. And although millions of treatments have been performed, it is important to remember that these are medical treatments and choosing the right injector is a crucial part of the process. An injector's skills, experience and artistry are essential factors to choosing the right injector, but don't forget that the best practitioner will also draw on ethical and moral principles to provide the very best experience for their patients.

So what will a good injector do for you?


In your initial consultation, a good injector will take the time to determine the most suitable treatment/s for your needs. This will involve an in-depth conversation about what you hope to achieve and they will work with you to devise a plan that addresses your concerns, including any alternative treatments that may be more suitable or enhance your results, such as quality skincare products or skin treatments.


Your face is a complex structure, consisting of fat, bone, nerves, veins, arteries and skin, with differences in composition depending on age, gender and cultural background. Your injector must be trained and educated in how to perform injectable treatments in the safest way. They will also take their time to ensure that you are aware of the risks and side effects associated with injectables and take every measure to avoid complications. In the event of a complication, your injector should be experienced in recognising the signs and treating the symptoms accordingly.


Your injector should not be afraid of saying "No" and will tell you when a treatment is not medically suitable for you or if it isn't the best option to restore facial balance, symmetry and harmony. Choosing a reliable and ethical injector is vital, as they will prevent you from making too many changes or disregarding your natural beauty.


The aftercare process is just as important as the treatment itself. A good injector will walk you through what to expect, what you should and shouldn't do, and provide you with information on how to avoid complications and what to do if you are concerned with anything after you leave the clinic. They should offer a complimentary follow-up appointment to ensure you are happy with your results and that things have healed and settled as expected.

Our injectors at Aloki Skin combine their experience with ethical practice, drawing on advanced techniques, expert aesthetic vision and a commitment to patient education when performing injectable treatments. They can guide you through your injectables journey, helping you to achieve your best facial aesthetic and most confident self. 

Dr Rowena xx