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Real Results

Real Results

Before & immediately after one laser treatment for broken capillaries around the nose.

Before & after 3 x Dermapen treatments.

Before & after 3 x Dermapen Signature Treatments.

Before & after one laser treatment on a venous lake.

Before & after anti-wrinkle injections.

Before & after two Rosacea Laser Facials.

Before & after 1 x Medical Skin Consultation, 2 x Rosacea Laser Facials & 2 x Healite Facials.

Lip filler by Dr Di

Before & after a series of skin treatments including chemical peels, hydrating facials, Healite facials & Dermapen.

Before & after a series of treatments including Dermapen, Laser Facials & chemical peels.

Before & after anti-wrinkle injections to crow's feet.

Before & after a series of laser treatments for leg veins.

Before & after 6 x Dermapen Signature Treatments for pigmentation with Skin Therapist Jen, alongside the DP Dermaceuticals homecare range & ASAP SPF.

Before and after 1 x Vascular Laser treatment targeting cherry angioma’s (small collections of blood under the skin).

3 months progress after 2 x Laser Facials & 2 x Broken Capillary Laser Treatments.

Before & immediately after one Cutera Excel V+ Laser Treatment for broken capillaries.