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Bridal Program

Bridal Program

"I couldn't be more thankful to the beautiful girls' or getting my skin wedding ready! Throughout the whole process, they were attentive to the changing needs of my skin and tailored my treatment accordingly to ensure it was at its best, and it was! They definitely gave me the greatest gift I could have asked for on the day - glowing and luminous skin!" - Kayla.

"What an incredible day and I was very happy with my skin! Thank you to Jen and all the girls at Aloki for your support, advice and hard work" - Rachael.

"Thank you so much to everyone at Aloki for getting my skin absolutely perfect for the big day! I felt so confident and beautiful" - Ainsley.

"I just wanted to extend my sincerest thanks to Jen, Rowena and all the lovely team at Aloki for looking after me. I have always been so ashamed of my skin and the difference that you have made in the last few months is phenomenal. I can't wait to come back for some rejuvenation!" - Hayley.

"Thank you Jen for my beautiful experience. I felt really comfortable throughout the whole service. Jen explained everything thoroughly to me and set a plan moving forward. She gave me advice on what to use on my skin at home. I felt so relaxed and calm after that, thank you" - Dani.

Our beautiful Aloki Bride Amy! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day. 

The best accessory you can have for your wedding day is clear, healthy and glowing skin! Our experienced team of Skin Therapists and Cosmetic Injectors are here to help you achieve your skin goals to have you looking and feeling your very best on your special day. Whether your big day is in one month or in one year, it is never too early or too late to start your Bridal Treatment Program.

No two skin’s are alike and therefore, no two Bridal Treatment Programs should be either. Everyone’s skin tells a unique story, which is why every bridal treatment journey begins with an Aloki Skin Health Consultation or a Cosmetic Injector Consultation, prior to commencing any of our medical grade skin therapies or cosmetic injectable procedures. Taking into consideration your skin type, lifestyle factors including diet and exercise, current medications, sun damage and treatment goals, our private and confidential consultations prescribe expert and results driven treatment plans to enhance the natural features and confidence of our beautiful brides. Your bespoke treatment program may involve several different treatment options to reach your desired goals, as each will achieve a different outcome.

During your initial consultation, your Skin Therapist will utilise our digital imaging system to capture a series of images of your skin to form the foundations of your bespoke treatment plan. Cross-polarised UV lighting is used to record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions including vascularity, hydration levels, sun damage, wrinkles, pores, skin texture and porphyrins (bacteria). Your Skin Therapist will use these images to analyse your skins strengths and weaknesses which will form the basis of your treatment program.

Commencing a treatment program twelve months or more out from your wedding day will allow your Skin Therapists adequate time to thoroughly address any major skin concerns you may have including acne, redness, scarring, pigmentation or premature ageing. Some treatments may require multiple sessions to achieve your desired goals, so that is why we recommend commencing your treatment program as soon as possible. Some of our most popular treatments for bridal skin preparation include extractions, skin needling, Healite LED facials, chemical peels, laser and IPL skin rejuvenation treatments.

Your Bridal Treatment Program may also incorporate some anti-wrinkle injections and/or dermal fillers if this is something you are interested in. We recommend commencing any cosmetic injectable procedures as soon as possible to allow our Cosmetic Injectors plenty of time to see what works for you, and to allow time to refine any treatments if needed to help give you the perfect look for your wedding day. As always, our Cosmetic Injectors take a very natural approach to treatments, with most brides opting for very subtle and natural looking enhancements.

Not only will your Bridal Treatment Program get your skin in its healthiest possible state, it will also help to create a smooth canvas for your makeup to sit flawlessly on. So, take some time out to relax and de-stress, and our team of experienced Skin Therapists and Cosmetic Injectors will take care of your skin to have you looking picture perfect in time for your special day.