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The Epinova Brilliance Facial 90mins $310
Unparalleled luminosity, delivered in absolute luxury. The EpiNova Brilliance Facial is an immersive, bespoke experience, designed to inspire individualised results through a tailored curation of treatment elements. Micro-circulatory massage uplifts and re-energises, while LED light therapy and ultrasonic technology elicit skin revitalisation, renewal and deep radiance.
Aloki Signature Facial 60mins $150
The Aloki Signature Facial is tailored specifically to each individual – no two skins are alike! Suitable for all skin types, this relaxing yet results driven facial incorporates an indulgent facial massage with vitamin infusions and a customised treatment mask, complete with a revitalising hand and arm massage. Your skin will be treated to professional strength products that are all prescribed in consideration to your skin type, condition and personal concerns. The Aloki Signature Facial delivers a complete experience in personalised care for youthful looking skin.
Aloki Refresh Facial 30mins $90
Designed to address blackheads and congestion, the Aloki Refresh Facial delivers maximum results for those short on time. This is achieved through a combination of cleansing and facial steaming, followed by manual extractions to penetrate deep into the pores and remove any whiteheads, blackheads or infection, boosting skin health, clarity and radiance.
Intense Hydrating Facial 75mins $190
The Intense Hydrating Facial treatment delivers intense nourishment and hydration to visibly illuminate a dull, dry and dehydrated complexion. Featuring a hydration treatment, uplifting face, neck & decolletage massage, Healite LED treatment and application of a hyaluronic acid hand treatment to comfort the skin and restore a smooth, plump and radiant complexion.

Our Aloki facial menu has been carefully curated with a variety of relaxing yet results driven treatment options for all skin types and concerns to indulge in. All of our facial treatments are prescribed and tailored in consideration to your own unique skin type, condition and concerns to deliver a complete experience in personalised care for youthful looking skin.

Facial FAQs

How often should I have a facial?

Once every 4-6 weeks is the ideal time frame to have regular facial treatments to maintain the health of the skin, as our skin cell turnover cycle is generally 28 days long.

What are the benefits of facials?

Facials are the perfect balance when it comes to results and relaxation. Regular facials help to maintain the health of the skin by cleaning out the pores to minimise any congestion, boosting hydration, and improving skin tone and texture to boost skin clarity and radiance. 

How do I know which facial is suitable for my skin?

Your Skin Therapist will assess your skin prior to each facial treatment to ensure you are booked in for the most appropriate treatment for your skin type and concerns on the day.