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Skin Health Consultations

Skin Health Consultations

Beginning Your Treatment Journey

No two skins are alike and therefore, no two treatment plans or skincare regimes should be either.

Everyone’s skin tells a unique story, which is why every treatment journey at Aloki Skin begins with an Aloki Skin Health Consultation prior to commencing any of our medical grade skin therapies. Taking into consideration your skin type, lifestyle factors including diet and exercise, current medications, sun damage and treatment goals, our private and confidential consultations prescribe expert and results driven treatment plans to enhance the natural features and confidence of clients of all ages.

To compliment your treatment plan and homecare regime prescribed by your Skin Therapist, you are also entitled to a complimentary 'Inside Out Skin Assessment' with Emma at Hello Health. Our aim is to achieve a holistic approach to skin health, which is why we encourage you to look further into the root cause of your skin concerns. During your Skin Assessment, Emma will conduct a thorough consultation with you regarding your skin concerns and previous medical history, with a focus on nutrition specific to your needs to help improve your skin. Whether you have recently come off the contraceptive pill, are suffering from gut imbalances or nutrient deficiencies, Emma will be able to provide you with personalised advice to compliment your in-clinic treatments.

Aloki Skin Health Consultation (Redeemable on your first treatment) 45mins $75

At Aloki Skin, our Skin Therapists utilise a digital imaging system to capture a series of images of your skin to form the foundations of our bespoke approach to beautiful skin. Cross-polarised UV lighting is used to record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions including vascularity, hydration levels, sun damage, wrinkles, pores, skin texture and porphyrins (bacteria). Focusing on the long-term health of your skin, your Skin Therapist will use these images to analyse your skins strengths and weaknesses which will form the basis of your treatment plan and homecare prescription. Every six months, your Skin Therapist will schedule a complimentary review to capture new images and perform a comparative analysis to track the progress & effectiveness of your prescribed treatment plan.


Medical Skin Consultation (with a doctor - Medicare rebate available)

30mins $130 

Our doctors are available to provide Medical Skin Consultations in clinic to assist you along your skin journey, should you require further topical or systemic medication for the treatment of acne and problematic skin. Our doctors work closely alongside our Skin Therapists in conjunction with your prescribed treatment plan in order to provide a holistic approach to treating your skin concerns.

Skin Health Consultation FAQs

Why do I need to have a Skin Consultation?

A consultation is the most important part of your treatment journey as it will allow your Skin Therapist to analyse everything about your skin, using our Observ 520x machine, to then prescribe you with the perfect treatment plan to address your skin goals.

How often should I have a consultation/review?

We require all new clients to begin their journey with an Aloki Skin Health Consultation prior to undergoing any treatments. For all existing clients, we recommend reviewing your treatment program and homecare regime every six months, or whenever you feel that you have a new skin concern that you would like to address.

What is the Observ 520x?

The Observ 520x is a state-of-the-art skin analysis system that assists your Skin Therapist with an accurate skin condition diagnosis at both the epidermal and dermal layer. The Observ 520x captures redness, pigmentation, surface texture, vascular conditions, inflammation, hydration levels and oil flow, which then allows your Skin Therapist to develop a tailored treatment plan to suit your individual needs and concerns.